Saturday, January 30, 2010

You Can Help

In order to keep costs down, we purchase our food for snacks from the Food Bank of Iowa. The food lists are mailed out twice a month. This is a great way for us to purchase food at very low cost, but unfortunately there is a very limited selection. If you would like to help supplement our snack cupboards, we would love to have basic snacks like pretzels, cereal, crackers, cookies, granola bars, fruit snacks, etc. Just send them to preschool and we will use them! Our largest expenses are 5 oz. Dixie cups and 100 percent juice. If you would like to donate these items they would be greatly appreciated!

With the cold season upon us, Kleenexes are in great demand. It would be wonderful to have a never ending supply of these. Drop some by if you feel the urge!

With your help, we will try to keep tuition as low as possible. Thank you for your generosity.